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Corporates, organizations, no-profits I support with a new kind of workshops.

Those are coaching based formats that work well with groups and teams, and support each individual perfectly well as they are running. 


I observe that most of my clients can do a lot internally. Things, that years ago an external consultant would have done, are now easily, and very professionally, handled in-house. This includes project management, partially change management, and certainly content driven scenarios. Now, it is the people that we want to take care of, and we want to integrate more knowledge on how to put people in the focus as well. 

How to engage on an individual level, how to support the individual so they can best perform as part of an organization, this is a knowledge that is not yet spread wide enough in the corporate world. And agile working is not the answer per se - it can beautifully contribute, however we all have seen agile projects where people felt left behind, and did not join in. This inner notice is the worst case for both, the employee and the employer. To avoid it, to turn it around or to close it - this is important in an even narrower labor situation. 

I) Change Focus Workshops

Siegel Constantinus Award 2020

This customized concept has made it to the pedestal of the Constantinus Awards. 


All Change Focus Workshops are customized to my client's requirements + needs. 

The intention of these workshops directs towards a conscious shift of focus - so that we can allow and see more aspects and perspectives than the one we have been focussing on so far. 

This focussing happens mostly unconsciously. And that makes change or transformational projects a challenge: 

What if a team's focus (be it the whole team's, the majority's, or even only the focus of those who shape opinions) is for instance on problems, on what cannot work, on what is going to be lost? It gets even more difficult to establish a positive, creative, shaping mindset. And without designing the change, without the active, responsible shaping within the organization, it simply does not happen. 

So what exactly happens in a Change Focus Workshop?

  • There is no "out of the drawer" concept, however we prefer to customize to meet the client's requirements and needs of the whole organization.
  • Change Focus Workshops can happen in person as well as virtually. 
  • Number of participants is interdependent with the concept. I personally have facilitated in person workshops with up to 80 people from 14 different countries in one room (that was just before the pandemic), as well as virtual workshops with 4 participants from 1 country. 
  • Exercises, interventions, reflections, interaction and exchange on relevant aspects - these are essential elements of this specific concept. 
  • A high level of interaction and plenty of opportunity to exchange openly creates both involvement and commitment in the workshop group. 
  • Scope: free informational interview, concept design, workshop conduction + facilitation, if applicable documentation. 

In the business world very often we feel impelled. Sometimes we can hardly manage our daily business and the variety of projects. This makes it even more important to intentionally create space for reflection. Only with a little distance and a conscious focus on ALL there is, we can come to better decisions in this VUCA or BANI world.

Getting through transformations

II) Transformations- begleitung

Changes or transformations are a part of our lives, if we appreciate that or not, and it does not matter if we are consciously aware of it or not. 

In organizations, transformations can (and should) lead to disruptions, in order to support the transition to a certain direction. However, the results of those change processes are not always the predetermined breaking points. People do not always behave the way a transformation would require them to. People do not simply move to a certain direction, just because it has been announced. The bigger the change required, the more deviations can be observed on the way there, leading to major challenges for organizations and their leaders. 

Supporting leaders, teams and the employees in an active and purposeful, directed way, so that transitions can actually happen - this is where I bring in my experience and all the tools I have at hand to implement changes in daily life. 

All formats are customized. They can be lean or comprehensive. They can include individual work, team coachings, workshops or a combination of those. They can happen personally (both physically + online), led by experienced coaches, facilitated by internal staff members or merely virtual. 

Let me know your requirements and needs as well as your target - I'll put together a strategy to get you there.

Consulting can be quite lean, when it is result oriented, methods and formats are matching, and when it is people oriented - also and specifically when working with groups of people. To neglect the individual generates effort in unforeseen areas. And THAT is not efficient.

Concepts + Train the trainer

I offer suitable methods, tools, approaches for your requirements and concern. I have also been creating workshop concepts that are easily conductible also for non-experienced facilitators, e.g. an in-house team that wants to support a certain project, or your leadership group who is running the workshops themselves. Plus I create concepts for colleagues - I have a talent to be very creative and pragmatic at the same time. My focus is on you as client. On what you require. On which results you are counting. Buying a concept + train the trainer sessions only, allows you to change approaches internally without going for an all supported experience. And that can make sense in regards to both establishing more confidence in-house as well as saving some budget. Training your internal facilitators is a lot of fun! For them, as well. Even and especially if they are not yet very experienced. I love to share lessons learned, little tips and tricks, and direct feedback on what to improve, and how. Colleagues as well. 

Get in touch. I know what works, based on an countless number of workshops. I know how to reach certain results. And I know what still is required. Looking forward!

We are continuously looking for information, inputs, content in our free time. What if we would gather some additional inputs in regards to our role and function in our professional life? What would become possible then?

Leadership Tools

When I got into a leadership role for the first time in my career, becoming promoted a team lead out of the very team I was a part of beforehand, I wished to have some tools at hand to handle my new role authentically and consciously.

A few years later, after gaining more experience, I did feel authentic as a leader - and yet I still sometimes would have loved to chose different ways of doing things, and be it simply to have options of how things can be done. Coachings were available for high level management only at the time, and if you managed to get one, it was very limited in terms of for how long you could make use of it. 

Today, as a coach, a huge part of my work is to support leaders in all levels of hierarchy. Some just got started in their first leadership role, some feel that even or especially after some time around they could use a little support on establishing new behaviors. And some of them get along really well, as they manage to integrate new ways of approaching people or things, and the continuously work on their leadership style. 

No matter where you are at in your career - would you care for some fresh inputs? 

A virtual sparring partner? More background on concepts? Easy to access tools, that you can just use or implement? 

In this membership you can find short videos, audios, work sheets, tools and inspirations as well as extended blog-articles which are only accessible for members. 

Apply here!

There is a monthly membership and a yearly membership.

A monthly membership costs € 48, the yearly membership only € 432. 

Both memberships can be terminated at any time for the end of the membership period..

Content changes throughout the year, some of the tools will be available continuously, some will be replaced following the focus themes. 

How much time do you currently use for yourself? Are you aware of your own needs? Are you acting upon them? Would you say, you are in a good state? At this very moment?

Tools for Employees

Would you like to provide your employees with simple tools, methods, inputs and inspirations? Easily accessible, usable at any time (also from private devices), easy to apply, things that might even be fun? Not taking up too much time in the process. Things that can be listened to at any time, e.g. on the way to somewhere, or whenever it suits you? 

Tools for focus areas such as resilience-strengthening, increasing self-responsibility or helping to achieve a good work-life balance? Or tools that might be even more targeted to concerns that are currently playing a role in your company context? 

I build your own toolbox for you. Accessible only to your employees, well protected by data protection laws. 

If you could do whatever you wanted to - which aspect(s) of your life would be similar to how they are today? And which aspects could use a little extra focus?

Process Management

Prozess- management


I am passionate for processes. This is where I originally come from (profession-wise), and thinking in processes feels like a part of my DNA... 

My concern is to support you and your organization in remaining able to work and capable of acting. specifically if we are running into process topics as part of team coachings, noticing how internal procedures lead to frictions. 

I'd love to support you in that case. Plus I am highly experienced in jumping right into topics and projects, whenever you come across those frictions and need to get back into your capability fast! 

Redesigning complete process landscapes, establishing global processes for global players, implementing process management for medium-sized companies - this is what I have been doing as part of my consultancy business. Even though my current focus is rather on the individual and coaching approaches, for special customers I still do offer process consultancy. Please get in touch.