Regular appointments in our Vienna office. You can participate as a someone having a request or as a representative. 

Who is this event for?

This course, which takes place regularly in Vienna (and irregularly in other, wonderful places), is interesting for you if you 

a) have a request/concern of your own that you would like to have a look at from an "outside" perspective, or

b) if you have heard of constellation work and maybe even participated and would like to take part as a representative. 

How can you tell if you have a concern for a constellation work course?

  • There is a topic in which you have already tried out a few things, which has been bothering you in your process for a long time, or which keeps coming up again and again.
  • Perhaps in the course of your process the hint or the idea has already popped up that a constellation could be helpful in this context
  • You realize that a change of perspective might be helpful
  • You would like to see "the whole issue", i.e. your system in this questioning / in this aspect, as if you were "looking at it from outside", instead of being in the middle of it.
  • You want to practice moving from highly emotional situations to the meta-level - that is, when it's just too much, to get to an inner level with a tiny step, unnoticed from the outside, where emotions can be observed and perceived, but do not drive you. On which you can be well in control at any time without slipping into old evaluations. 

If you don't have a request or concern, but would like to be part of a constellation: come as a representative!

  • You don't have a topic / specific concern at the moment, or maybe you do, but you are not sure yet whether a constellation is helpful for you, or how such a thing works at all.
  • You have already heard a lot about constellations, maybe also critical voices, and you want to gain your own impression.
  • You have never heard of constellations, and would rather experience instead of reading a lot (for example further below, at my explanations about constellations 😉 )
  • You have already been present at quite some constellations, maybe your own, maybe those of others, and you have already experienced how enriching constellation work can also be for representatives, e.g. because we suddenly perceive and clearly feel emotions to which we hardly have access to otherwise or because it takes us out of our own inner issues and brings us to another level, or because it is so exciting how much you perceive when you really know nothing and also get no room for interpretation 🙂 

Your host



Expert for change of perspective, designing & accompanying inner processes, experienced coach for individuals and groups, experienced and and sensitive host of constellations, senior coach in DBVC.

In constellations, Kathrin works multidimensional 

What does that mean?

Structures that we discover in one area of our life, we can often find - on a closer look - in other areas of life as well, of course in a (more or less) modified form. Switching between these structural levels, integrating useful insights and helpful aspects from one area of your experience into another part of your life, is a core aspect of coaching. In constellation work we look at these aspects / levels / structures together "as if from the outside". 

Kathrin always works in an "undercover" way in constellations. This means that apart from you and her, no one knows the request or the question. The representatives are also given "code names". This way, both the representatives and you are well protected, which is a very important aspect in this sensitive work. 

Investment, when you bring in a concern

  • Preliminary talk on the day of the constellation to clarify the request
  • Constellation with representatives on the desired date
  • Covert work guarantees your privacy and protects you and the representatives
  • You can bring your own representatives (please register in advance)
  • Special price for your follow-up talk compared to a regular individual coaching session

When you participate as a representative

  • Constellation for one or two persons who bring in concerns on the booked day
  • Covert work guarantees your privacy and protects you as representatives
  • If you bring other representatives with you, you will receive a small bonus

For people with requests/concerns and representatives


We will contact you through this email address with all details about your registration.

The next possible dates are:

Mittwoch, 13. März 2024, 18-21 Uhr
Mittwoch, 17. April 2024, 18-21 Uhr

What is constellation work exactly?

If topics, questions, concerns have been occupying us for a long time, or if we perceive them as confusing, or if we cannot even develop an idea of why something seems so difficult to us, and we somehow cannot get out of this dilemma - then this can sometimes be due to the fact that we are so deeply entangled in our inner process that we "can no longer see the forest for the trees". 

How do you then get this overview, or how do you create this "step back", or in other words this helpful distance that you need to look at the same topic / concern or the question with more space and perhaps from a different perspective?

That's where constellations are super helpful. A constellation is the "externalization", which means making something that takes place within us, visible on the outside.

There are many types of constellations: you can work with a system board, or simply with the salt shaker, the toothpicks or the flower decoration on the coffee house table. You could put pieces of paper on the floor, and yes, of course, you can also map the people, aspects and things that are important in this matter with real people as representatives. The more complex the procedure of a constellation work becomes, the more important it is, in my view, to proceed mindfully towards all participants. Of course, this includes the person bringing the concern on the one hand, but also the representatives. 

The methods I use for this include: 

  • Obligatory pre- and post-talk - the constellation should not stand alone without any support, but be part of a process and be linked to other, already ongoing processes
  • Covert work - as a matter of principle I work in such a way that apart from me in my function as host of the constellation and the person who brings in the request, nobody knows what the issue is. Also the names of the representatives will be code names or "nick names" to ensure the greatest possible discretion and protection for all, including the representatives. "Protection" here means that everything we say always reveals a lot about ourselves. As a representative, it can be extremely important that the others know that I am not saying "my opinion" or "how I see something", but that I am describing a difference that I perceive. Or that I am not impolite, but simply express what I notice as a difference - without applying my own censorship mechanisms. 
  • If the person bringing a concern wants to "reveal" it afterwards and wants to share with the group what the work was about, then the person is of course free to do so.
  • Formats of Systemic Structural Constellations according to SySt (Insa Sparrer & Matthias Varga von Kibéd) and further / own variations

Where does the constellation work take place?

The constellation work will mostly take place in our office, sometimes we will also offer it in other beautiful places. For that matter you will receive more details on time.  

Our office is well reachable by public transport:

Via Praterstern and then on foot, with the tram nr. 5 to the stop "Am Tabor" and then a short walk, or with the tram nr. 2 to the stop "Rebhanngasse" and then just across the street.

Please note that parking in the 2nd district is only possible for residents, and therefore only possible at your own expense. There is an Apcoa parking lot nearby, where you can park for a significantly lower daily fee: Apcoa parking lot Nordpolstraße (address: Nordwestbahnstraße 2/4, 1020 Vienna).


What happens after my registration?  

With your registration above you will only send us your email address, through which we will contact you. We will ask you if you want to take part as someone with a request or a representative and answer any questions you may have and, if necessary, make an appointment for a preliminary talk. You can simply use the link or our regular email address to get in touch with us - that's all for now 🙂 

Are there any specific requirements to participate in a constellation?  

No. Everyone can take part without any previous knowledge, trainings or course and everyone is welcome 🙂 

What kind of equipment do I need for my participation? 

In general none. Feel free to dress comfortably, and if you're coming straight from work, that's no problem either. If you like to take off your shoes, then maybe thick socks are helpful. If you prefer to bring your own water bottle, you can of course fill it at any time at our office, otherwise we have water, tea and coffee for you here. 

What kind of documents will be provided? 

None. You also don't need to write anything for the constellation work. If you would like to take notes on a particular realization/finding, then this is of course possible. We also always have nice paper and postcards to write on. 

Will the course take place face-to-face only?  

Yes. If there is a situation where a face-to-face appointment is not possible, but you have already booked, then we will contact you and discuss together what the best course of action is. 

What happens if I miss one day? 

The booking is binding. If you cannot attend, please contact us immediately. 

Until when can I register? Will there be any costs then? 

You will always find the latest information and regulations directly on the homepage. Late registration will not involve any further costs. If a date is already fully booked, then we will announce the next planned date on our homepage.

Will I receive a certificate after participating successfully?

No, there won't be any certificates for this course.