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Customized. For Organizations + Corporations.

Change Focus Workshops

Erstellung, Durchführung und Facilitation von maßgeschneiderten Workshop-Konzepten für Organisationen. Fokussiert auf das, was Sie benötigen - auf das, worum es eigentlich geht.

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Getting through transformations

Veränderungen verlangen uns viel ab. Einzelpersonen, Teams, ganzen Organisationen. Wir wir uns als Individuen gut aufstellen und ausrichten, wie wir als Teams schwierige Phasen überstehen, wie wir als Organisationen reifen - dafür stelle ich erprobte und neu-entwickelte Werkzeuge zur Verfügung. Meine Begleitung ist multidimensional, und findet immer zeitgleich auf mehreren Ebenen statt.


Sie wollen die Entwicklung Ihres Teams oder Ihrer Organisation am liebsten in den eigenen Händen halten? Ich unterstütze Sie mit Konzepten, die maßgefertigt sind auf die Aspekte, die bei Ihnen im Mittelpunkt stehen sollen. Und helfe Ihnen dann, diese selbst durchzuführen.

Tools. Ready to use.

Tools for Employees

Your individual contributors have been challenged in the last weeks and months? You want to support your people in times of major changes? Be it to increase resilience, or to associated with an internal transformational program? Here's your deal! Book a customer specific site with tools designed for the required purpose. Easy access.


Are you new in the role, and could use some support? Or have you been a leader for quite some time, now looking for some inspiration, and new inputs? Would you care for some ideas how to do things differently?

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Process Management

Wenn es in Teams oder Organisationen "knirscht", dann liegt das manchmal daran, dass bestimmte Abläufe nicht für alle Beteiligten klar geregelt sind. Es entstehen Redundanzen oder Lücken im Prozess. Prozessmanagement war immer das Herzstück meiner Unternehmensberatungstätigkeit. Heute fokussiere ich mich auf Coachings und maßgeschneiderte Workshopkonzepte.

Searching for the Essence of (organizational) culture

Culture is the DNA, or the "inside the skin" and unique aspect of an organization. Culture allows for identification, and usually growth over a long period of time. However, it also changes constantly, as the people within organizations change constantly. Most of it though happens in the unconscious and sub-conscious.

My current research is about finding a method to recreate or understand the Essence of Culture. The aspects of culture can include norms, innovativeness, level of trust, level of respect, implementation, effectiveness, efficiency, speed, resilience, service, experience, ethical, ecological, decision taking, dealing with newcomers, emotions, conflicts, hierarchy, vacation, as well as the tonality, attire, lunch habits, recreation, infrastructure, relationship mgmt, and some more. They tell the story of the organization, and they let us know about values and mindset within. How those values are lived up to, and that very mindset prime the actions and communication within the very organization. 

Wie wir multidimensional Kultur erleb- und begreifbar machen – das interessiert mich. 

At the moment I am working with Corporations as well as within projects to develop a methodology to assess the Essence of Culture. 

To learn more about this specific topic, please contact me directly. 

Ich arbeite gerne multidimensional, also auf mehreren Ebenen parallel. Indem wir z.B. die Erlebnisebene integrieren und nicht nur kognitiv arbeiten, haben wir deutlich mehr Informationen zur Verfügung, die wir strukturell nutzen können. Zugleich erlauben wir unserem Hirn, mehr Synapsen zu bilden - und die braucht es, um nachhaltige Ergebnisse zu erzielen. Dazu arbeite ich phänomenologisch, unter Einbeziehung von neurowissenschaftlichen Aspekten, und auch mit Hilfe von Externalisierungen.

Kathrin Leppla


For individuals, groups, teams

In my perspective, coaching creates room for reflection. It is like a rehearsal stage. A good thing you allow yourself, when something is holding you back, hindering you to do what you want or need to do. It is for people who take it up, in their own hands. It's not about therapy, however rather future oriented, active. Something you do to get back in charge of your own life's responsibilities.

Individual Coaching

For when it's getting bumpy. No matter if a single session, or a process. This is where you find all the info on individual coachings.


You are part of a group, or a team, and your impression is: This could be going better? Too many things remain unexpressed? There's the pink elephant in the room, and hinders you and your colleagues in reaching your targets? A team coaching might be essential on your way towards a solution.

Constellation work

Looking for ideas on how to "position" yourself regarding a certain situation or aspect? Feeling the need to get a "clearer picture"? Something is bothering you, and you would appreciate "a different perspective"? Welcome to the world of constellation work.

Coaching for men, only.

With some (male) colleagues I am offering a program called Coaching for men, only. Why? Because there are way more opportunities for women to exchange, to place their specific topics on a table, to have time and space to discuss what is important to them. We're not saying that is not a good thing! We're simply thinking: Men should have that, too. Space. Time. Only for yourself. To discuss what matters for you. To reflect. Get new perspectives. Get into it with role (behaviors). To try out new things.

Coaching + mentoring, intensive

Sie haben kein Interesse an einem langen Prozess, und gerade eher den Bedarf, ganz intensiv an einem Thema zu arbeiten? Für das nie richtig Zeit ist? An etwas, das Sie gerade drängt? Um nicht nur kognitiv an Ihre Anliegen heranzugehen, gibt es in diesem Intensiv-Konzept auch Angebote zur körperlichen Integration, die von ausgesuchten Professionisten durchgeführt werden.

No matter what: 

Working with me, I invite you to be looking at things from different perspectives. I am interested in the mindset, that enables us or disables us to realize certain things in our lives, and how we work on that mindset to change in our own favor. 

The methods I am applying have systemic roots. I am also very influenced by neuroscientific approaches. Understanding how our brain + body works, how we can support ourselves to sustainably implement favorable results into our daily life, is something I perceive as essential, being a coach. 

Mostly I will ask you questions, that allow you to shift your focus. Conscious awareness is a major help in that, so we'll work on that. Exercises, or even smaller experiments can help you to try out something new. And even though I certainly do have opinions, which I can share if you want to me to, I am not giving advice.

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