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How to just do it…

My clients often ask me: And how do I do that?

Well, for me, it’s like eating a cherry. How would you eat a cherry? You could pick it right from the tree and show it to your loved ones. Or you buy it from a trusted farmer and bring it back home. However, now you just got it, you have not yet eaten it.

Once it’s there, there is so many possibilities:

You could wash it.

You could put it there and wait for it to further ripen.

You could dance around it all day, considering what is the best way to eat it.

You could discuss the best approach (inner dialogue, or with a trusted friend or advisor).

You could sleep it over.

You could identify steps how to eat it starting next Monday.

Whilst doing all of this, the beautiful cherry might just start to get brown spots, or even rot away.

Now, your question is still: How can I do it?

Well, to eat the cherry, there is just one thing you can do. The WHAT is clear: You have to eat it. The HOW can still be defined (biting into it, to check if there is any worms, or eating it at one bite). Yet you won’t eat it until you eat it.

My clients, be it individuals or teams, they always come back to this cherry eating. It is so trivial, yet it is something we all know. That we urgently want to do something, and yet we’re holding back. We are so in our heads, that we do not get in on the road.

Think about a topic where you feel this. Where this sounds very familiar. How can you eat that topic? And does it have to be perfect right away, or is the most important point to get started, and then it could be improved (if even necessary) as you’re going?

What does it keep you from, not doing the very thing you want to bring on the streets? The cherry you’re not eating?

What could be, if you just did it? That first step. Eat it. Enjoy the first taste of it. No matter how difficult the first step is, it’s a one-time thing. For this very topic, you cannot do the first „doing“ again. Allow it to be special, allow it to be maybe even a bit scary, yet if you want to do it, or if you want it to be done: Don’t dance around it. Get a head-start.

It is now still a few days left until the new year starts. If you already have something in mind you want to start with, or you wish to do next year, why not getting a head-start by already squeezing the first step in now?

Best, Kathrin